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Vais muzzle brake for 300 win mag

The chart below shows how much louder each brake was compared to the bare muzzle.
Ultimately, I wish I could have metered them, but unfortunately, I only had access to the sound meter that one day and wasnt able to get it done.
While most muzzle brakes simply screw on the threaded part of the muzzle, the Badger FTE brakes screw on and clamp onto the barrel.So it is my bookend for the 30 caliber!But I cant thank him enough for letting me borrow his nice sound meter, showing me the proper way to set up and run all the equipment, and helping me run through all the muzzle brakes.Even if I did I certainly wouldnt still be there when they fired the second shot.I didnt run the 300 Norma Mag as hot as what Ive heard rumors of other guys doing.Ability to Stay on Target : Lasers and high-speed cameras were used to objectively quantify how well each muzzle brake helps you stay on target through a shot.These devices reduced tlc marketing rewards recoil by an average.86.There is another type of muzzle brake.The first is the bullet itself, which cannot be interfered with.Thus the spl inside the hearing protector is in excess of 100 dB, a potentially damaging level.So, I completely abandoned the idea of a sound test.But what about a larger 30 caliber cartridge?Unfortunately, there is no industry standard for measuring recoil, which means manufacturers often publish whatever makes them look better.Here is a different view of that same data.We specialize in highly accurate, recoil reducing muzzle brakes and rifle customization.Since most of us cant afford to hire an independent test lab, were left with our ears, published figures, and the scant independent studies made available to the public.But, when we metered the sound level from the second location, we come closer to capturing the effect a shooter or spotter would feel behind the rifle. Ive had them on a number of hunting rifles over the years.Sign-up to receive new posts via email.

You can see the suppressor isnt as quite effective at reducing recoil on this rifle as many of the muzzle brakes, with it finishing near the tail end of the pack.