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Unlock Requirement: Special R D Lab Alpha Level 10 Ascendant Palm Type: Attack Effects: Attack one.
Parts Lab Level 8 Power Boost Effect Location Power Boost Lv 1 Increases power.Parts Lab Level 5 Dread Touch Adds dread.Special Parts Gamma Level 7 Cure Stop Remove Stop from your entire party.Parts Lab Level 4 Paralyze Touch Adds paralyze.Raise Critical by 400 for allies.Base Power (5.0) Unlock Requirement: Special R D Lab Beta Level 4 Grazioso Type: Attack Effects: Attack one.Special Parts Gamma Level 5 Cure Dread Remove Dread from your entire party.This attack is comparable in strength to typical Summon Magic, making it a powerful attack to use.Special R D Lab, Alpha Level 9 Level 3 Trigger Happy Attack Type Attack all enemies.010: Spray Chapter 4 and earlier Chapter 5 and later Deathfish (shallow seas) Remora (Engine Room) Deathfish (Dimenion's Hollow) Remora (Dimenion's Hollow) Marine Devil (high seas) Deals 1 times water-based damage to an enemy, while ignoring the Default state.Grazioso Spears 4 Offensive Devastate an opponent with an elegant flurry of blows.Attack Type, the Attack Type of your Special Move is the first part rona friends and family discount you can customize.Sadly, since Stardust isnt standard magic, it cannot be used in conjunction with Spellcraft, which limits its usefulness somewhat.While the Catmancer isnt a MP-intensive job, its useful if you frequently use offensive abilities from other jobs.Support, raise all allies' k, hit count, and speed.
Parts Lab Level 8 Elemental Res.