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Sierra reloading data for 243 win

Load best with all powders.
All of these cartridges, along with the.243 Win., share the.308's.473 rim diameter and.470 head diameter.If you do not get this feel, you may need to seat the bullets out.010.015 into the lands to make sure that the base of the case stays in solid contact with the bolt face.Comparative Ballistics (Drop from 100yd Zero, Drift in 10 mph Crosswind) Cartridge Bullet Vel FPS 300yd Drop/Drift 600yd Drop/Drift 1000yd Drop/Drift.243 AI. Win. 232.3.0 6XC. 247.2.5.Rapid (but controlled) expansion is very important, as the small doug fox coupon code diameter 6mm bullet has little shocking power if it does not expand and expend its energy inside of the animal.The Combined Technology 95gr Ballistic Tip (made by Nosler) is another favorite with deer hunters.H414.5 Fed 210m 85 Sierra GameKing 3220 fps Great Do-it-all game/varmint load.Case: Hornady, trim-to Length:.910, primer: Winchester WLR, remarks: Developed in 2007 by Dennis DeMille and Dave Emary, the.5 Creedmoor is a shortened prayer warrior gifts and improved 30 TC cartridge case that was inspired by the.308 Winchester design. .For the reloader, based on the available published data, 6mm Creedmoor reloads can outperform.243 reloads, as explained above.He had always felt that the.243 Winchester was already an improved configuration, but he did say that the best thing to be gained by improving the.243 Winchester was to substantially reduce the case-stretching problems.Sierras recommended Hunting Load for its 100gr soft-point FB and BT bullets.2gr IMR 4064 at 2900 fps.2006, m m, All Rights Reserved.The Hornady's Precision Hunter 6mm Creedmoor factory load launches a 103 grain ELD-X bullet at a MV of 3050 fps and ME of 2127.The muzzle energy (ME) of a 100 grain bullet at a MV of 3000 fps is 1998.Im sending.585 BC 115 at 3150 fpsthatll shoot inside the 6XC and.260 Rem with ease.Warren Page, the firearms editor for.Sierra Bullets Tested for.5 Grendel Load Data 85gr HP 1700) 100gr HP 1710) 107gr hpbt 1715) 120gr Spitzer 1720) 120gr hpbt 1725) 123gr hpbt 1727) 130gr hpbt 1728) 130gr TMK 7430 in developing its.5 Grendel load data, Sierra tested a very wide selection.IMR 4064.0 WLR 80 Sierra Blitz 3100 fps Sierra recommended Hunting Load.VV N170.5 CCI BR2 1 fps JoeHs Load best with all powders.George Gardner why he chose.243 Winchester for his Tactical Comp Gun.Run the ballistics for my load115 moly dtac at 3150 fps.Good for small to medium game, the.5 Grendel is becoming a popular chambering in lightweight hunting rifles, such as the.

On the other hand, the 6mm Creedmoor is uniquely suited for Precision Rifle Series competition.
Maximum velocities with the lighter bullets can be achieved with ball powders such as Winchester 760 and H380.
When coupled with H4895 and a 55gr Nosler Ballistic Tip, the 243 will deliver over 4050 fps for taking varmints.