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WCW Cruiserweight Champion Chris Jericho in their final match; included an paypal giveaway 2016 in-ring promo by Jericho in which he mocked Malenko's threat from earlier in the show and bragged about Malenko never again challenging him for the title; Jericho then noted the Rey Mysterio.
Konnan defeated Lenny Lane WCW TV Champion Fit Finlay defeated Eddie Guerrero via pga shop promo code disqualification Chris Jericho defeated Juventud Guerrera Best of 7 Series : Chris Benoit defeated Booker T via submission with the Crippler Crossface after a reversal at 8:18; during the bout, WCW.
Randy Savage in a steel cage at Uncensored; featured Lee Marshall conducting a backstage interview with Eddie Guerrero about challenging WCW TV Champion Booker T at Uncensored; included Gene Okerlund discussing a WCW Hotline story about the possible departure of a top WCW star; featured.
Scott Hall at World War 3; featured an ad promoting WCW Bashin' Brawlers; included Okerlund conducting a backstage interview with WCW TV Champion Chris Jericho about his upcoming participation in World War 3 and the challenge of WCW World Champion Bill Goldberg; featured still images.Defeated Vincent Prince Iaukea defeated Johnny Swinger Chavo Guerrero.Randy Savage at Souled Out; included Okerlund conducting a backstage interview with Rick Martel about challenging WCW TV Champion Booker T as part of Souled Out; included an ad promoting Thunder, with highlights from the previous week's show; featured the announcement WCW US Champion Diamond.(w/ Eddie Guerrero) via submission with the Dragon Sleeper at 11:42 after avoiding the tornado DDT; pre-match stipulations stated if Chavo won then he would no longer have dumpsters of america promo code to do what Eddie told him; after the match, Eddie verbally assaulted Chavo in the ring WCW.At 14:54 by pinning Guerrera when Mysterio hit a dropkick on Guerrera as he had a sunset flip on Kidman, moments after Eddie Guerrero interfered and put Guerrera on top; after the bout, Guerrero badmouthed both Juventud and Mysterio, said they weren't LWO material, and.Sting match for the vacant WCW World Title : WCW US Champion Diamond Dallas Page pinned Sick Boy at 4:44 after tossing Sick Boy into the air and hitting the Diamond Cutter; after the bout, Lodi was about to hop the rail but Riggs smacked.The Steiners : Ernest Miller pinned Glacier at 2:36 with the Feliner after avoiding the Cryonic Kick Public Enemy defeated Scott Steve Armstrong at 3:46 when Rocco Rock pinned Scott with the Drive By Bobby Blaze pinned Barry Horowitz with a northern lights suplex.Defeated Damien Ciclope Prince Iaukea defeated Lodi Chris Adams defeated Elvis Gonzalez Ernest Miller defeated Norman Smiley Lex Luger defeated Wrath Diamond Dallas Page defeated Scott Hall Kevin Nash defeated the Giant WCW @ Little Rock, AR - Barton Coliseum - December 5, 1998 Chris.Mask match via submission with the Liontamer at 13:28 after blocking a hurricanrana attempt; Guerrera originally won the match with the 450 splash at 10:32 but the match continued since referee Mickey Jay noticed Jericho grabbing the bottom rope; after the bout, Jericho cut.Curt Hennig at Uncensored; featured a nWo vignette in which Randy Savage discussed facing Hulk Hogan in a steel cage the next night at Uncensored; included an ad promoting the Sting Scorpion T-shirt; featured Tenay discussing Gene Okerlund's WCW Hotline story about the absence.Hulk Hogan at SuperBrawl : Bill Goldberg pinned Jerry Flynn with the spear and Jackhammer at 2:08 Greg Valentine pinned Pat Tanaka at 2:28 with a standing elbow to the head after an elbow drop Juventud Guerrera pinned Lenny Lane with the 450 splash.WCW Cruiserweight Champion Chris Jericho Chavo Guerrero., Juventud Guerrera, Super Calo, Ciclope.Set up a box trap in the ring for Eddie Guerrero; moments later, Eddie came out, with Chavo then believing the box trap caught Eddie only for Eddie to jump him from behind; Eddie then dropped Chavo with a brainbuster on the exposed concrete floor.Chris Benoit Dean Malenko defeated Kanyon Perry Saturn Bret Hart defeated Booker T WCW US Champion Diamond Dallas Page Konnan defeated Scott Hall Stevie Ray WCW @.

15 Thunder of the Giant, Lex Luger, and Sting fighting off the nWo at the end of the show : Disco Inferno pinned Barry Horowitz with the Chartbuster at 1:26; during the bout, the commentary team of Scott Hudson Larry Zbyszko made vague comments about.
Buddy Lee Parker, and Glacier; eliminations for the match could come via being thrown to the floor (over the top or through the ropes submission, or pinfall; Bam Bam Bigelow came through the crowd at the 16-minute mark, briefly getting in the ring until.
Glacier defeated Perry Saturn via disqualification Lex Luger defeated Emery Hale Chris Jericho defeated Bobby Duncum.