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How to stir up your spiritual gifts

Remember the story from Acts.
Some young men spend their evenings in Debating Clubs and the like, and I havent anything to say against that, but I have this to say whatever you may do with this talent in other directions, the Lord, who has bought you with his blood.
All Gifts Matter to the Body of Christ Part 7 of series: Spiritual Gifts in the Body of Christ Permalink for this post / Permalink for this series After beginning his correction of Corinthian abuses by outlining the nature of spiritual gifts, Paul proceeds.First, then, what gift DO WE have IN valhalla cards and gifts US?And this brings us, secondly, to the consideration of HOW WE ARE TO FAN into flame THE gifts OF GOD.The upholding of the hands of the eldership, how much money can you win in a beauty pageant when they give their vote to elect a man to the pastorate, is a wise proceeding, and is, I suspect, all the apostle means when he speaks of the elders; but empty hands it seems.That's one of the main reasons God has given the gift of the Spirit, to empower us for that to which he has assigned.In fact, he claims to speak in tongues more than any of the Corinthians (1 Cor 14:18).This pattern might very well point to how God is calling you into ministry.(Photo: Not apt to receive spiritual gifts.) Of course this can be a little scary.And even the tool that is blunt will get an sharp edge by being used.She came to the church to get financial help for her family and perhaps some money for pain-killers.In the last couple of decades, however, unity among "charismatic" and "non-charismatic" Christians has been substantially restored.The prophecy may refer to future events, but more often it addresses practical or theological matter in the assembly.You should each ask yourselves, What can I do for the Lord in my present situation?Clericalism also draws strength from the fact that many lay people would just as soon not be involved in ministry.
Find ways to express your gifts that respect the ethos of your Christian community.
Part 6 of series: Spiritual Gifts in the Body of Christ Permalink for this post / Permalink for this series You may be wondering why I am spending so much time in this series on clarifying the nature of spiritual gifts.

God grant you may live as if you expected to die.
Do Your Part In the middle portion of 1 Corinthians 14, Paul attends to the problem of tongue-speaking in greater detail.
What are Spiritual Gifts?