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It's not unusual for narcissists to be outstanding in their field of work.
It can be trivial (e.g., about what they want for lunch) or it can be serious (e.g., about whether or not they love you).These are people the narcissists are terrified of, though they'll tell you that what they feel is love and respect; apparently they don't know the difference between fear and love.They think that they must be seen as perfect or superior or infallible, next to god-like (if not actually divine, then sitting on the right hand of God) - or else they are worthless.But normal people recover pretty much within an candle & scent discount code hour or two or a day or two, and, with normal people, your expressions of love and concern for their welfare will be taken to heart.They will attack you (sometimes physically) and spew a load of bile, insult, abuse, contempt, threats, etc., and then - well, it's kind of like they had indigestion and the vicious tirade worked like a burp: "There.A find a lot of people feel pressured into getting everyone gifts (i.e.: all members of a sports team, football banquet gifts co-workers in a large office, etc.).You need to have your head examined!Now, a normal person would be ashamed and embarrassed but also relieved and grateful that scandal, not to mention chronic emotional and marital infidelity, had not caused his wife and children to reject and abandon him - but not the narcissist!But it does mean that just because you think someone should be dressing a certain way, you buy them clothes that suit your taste.Grandiosity can take various forms - a narcissistic woman may believe herself to be the very model of perfect womanhood, the standard by which all others are measured, and she will try to force her daughters to be just like her, she will not.That their faces don't show their chronological age is a good sign that they haven't been living real lives with real life's wear and tear on the looks of normal people.The other "punishment" narcissists mete out is banishing you from their glorious presence - this can turn into a farce, since by this point you are probably praying to be rescued, "Dear God!Narcissists are very disappointing as gift-givers.The fundamental problem here is that narcissists lack empathy.
On the other hand, as far as I've seen, all that stuff really is in there, but is accessible only intermittently or unpredictably.
How do I get out of this?" The narcissist expects that you will be devastated by the withdrawal of her/his divine attention, so that after a while - a few weeks or months (i.e., the next time the narcissist needs to use you for something).

I used to take it personally and then realized that it was just the way they functioned and the gifts were always thoughtful, so I was happy to see that the message was still clear, even if a bit delayed.
If you have any issue or suggestion, email us and you will feel our warm welcome service.