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Springsteen rarely if ever moves past the best fragrance gift sets proscenium he doesn't need to reach out physically into the crowd to generate some connection; it's practically built.
For all sorts of reasons (some laid bare in this show the man can't do anything halfway.
After tonight's joyride with a finely tuned E Street Band and madly grinning Springsteen at the wheel, it felt like we should have been breathing in Turnpike tollbooth deep in the swamps of Jersey.Patti Scialfa was there as well and contributed vocals to two songs.I can't pretend to know how it felt when locals watched Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band walk onto a Christchurch stage for the very first time.This time around, the Aussies had no choice but to stand, especially when Bruce whipped out a rare mid-set "Glory Days and especially when he bellowed, "Can we get these folks in Perth dancing?"The River" was bathed in blue and Bruce's falsetto, and "Youngstown" saw Nils ripping a solo like a puppet on a string.Mid-"Glory Days out on the center thrust, Bruce looked at Steve and asked, "Is it lunch time?Not a bad way to end a hot night in Western Australia.A DJ is spinning a mix of hip-hop and obscurities, typical hipster soundtrack.(It takes work to sound that off-the-cuff.) "There I was, one night, just a normal guy he'd stage-whisper back in 1978, channeling his best Vinnie Barbarino.This was a Fun Show.Fence lighting options attach to your fence and create a perimeter of light around your garden.And he does appear at home in performance here in Springsteen on Broadway he's our Leading Player, our Stage Manager, talking directly to the audience, cracking jokes, sharing his stories, journeying to spots mystic and exotic (Big Sur with Mad Dog qualifies, right?After a hearty "Good evening, Western Australia rubber met road with a rollicking "Prove It All Night" that delivered guitar face aplenty and a pulsing face-off between Bruce and Max.A sign request followed for "I Fought the Law played a little tentatively but still a very nice nugget for the diehards.Listening to their voices intertwine, I was catapulted back to 1988, 30 years ago this winter, watching Bruce and Patti share a mic (and a surprising amount of personal space) on "Brilliant Disguise." I remember thinking to my then-17-year-old self, "Someday I hope someone looks.A few minutes later another sign from the crowd brought us "Waitin' on a Sunny Day the second of three weather-appropriate songs for the evening.Jackson was joined by Steven for his classic "I Am a Patriot adding some very timely lyrics about racism, bigotry, and current events."Shout" was typically unhinged and on this night occasionally undressed.The bite in his lead lines, coupled with a mix of sparsity and (that word again) intensity, has few peers.
It was a humble, quiet gesture from Bruce to say thanks to President Obama, the staff, and their families.
With that, "American Land" launched the show that will surely be known as the Adelaide Protest Show, Bruce's musical call to action.

It was just one of those nights).
And then it was time for Bruce to make one more Jersey Jump on stage, for a nearly nine-minute performance of "Take it Easy" into "Our Lady of the Well justr as it's sequenced on the For Everyman album.